trndsphere word-of-mouth marketing services
Tap into the Power of Word of Mouth!
trndsphere Word-of-Mouth Marketing Services turn your Community and your CRM-Plattform into a Word-of-Mouth Marketing channel. That way, you can integrate the "WOM factor" as a planable and measureable element in your marketing strategy.

Our trndsphere Services are made available as an ASP solution (Application Service Providing/Software as a Service "SaaS"). We provide you with a complete turnkey solution (software, set-up, maintenance and management) for a Word-of-Mouth Marketing channel, which integrates seamlessly with your existing platform.

new features for your community - new possibilities for your brand
At a Glance:
trndsphere Word-of-Mouth Marketing Services are a complete package that includes software, set-up, maintenance and management of a Word-of-Mouth Marketing Channel. We make it really easy to equip your existing Online Communities and CRM Programmes with a Word-of-Mouth Marketing Programme.

Fast Implementation. As an ASP solution (Application Service Providing/Software as a Service "SaaS"), all the components can be adapted quickly to perfectly blend into your platform; they are simply linked into an existing Community or CRM Programme.

Proven standards.The trndsphere WOM Marketing process is based on trnd AG's years of experience in managing and maintaining standardised processes and ROI evaluation methods. They enable the highest degree of safety and efficiency. The trndsphere platform has been operating for more than five years now in Europe's largest Word-of-Mouth Marketing Communities (trnd und bopki), and within the Online CRM systems of a number of leading brands.

Low costs. Neither hardware nor software need to be upgraded or acquired. Thanks to the ASP/SaaS approach, a complete set of Word-of-Mouth Marketing Services are simply rented - continuous upgrades of all basic modules (measurement, dialogue instruments, etc) are included in the service.

Flexible Adaptation. The WOM Services are branded and designed according to the desired look & feel - users always remain immersed within the same branded environment, no matter where they are on the platform. The entire flow of communications with the user is also handled entirely in the name of the brand (carried out by trnd's own WOMcenter).